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Tracking sale of your st. glass work
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 Posted: Tue Jul 4th, 2017 10:49 pm
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Recently someone asked if there is a preferred manner to keep track of one's own work.......for archival purposes.....any suggestions??

My first thought would be to take a look at a list of Tiffany windows that has appeared in several state, and then by city?? name(s) of purchasers or should that remain confidential?? other thoughts?

 Posted: Wed Jul 5th, 2017 12:52 am
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Presumably a good place to start would be "The Census of Stained Glass Windows in America: A Surveyor's Guide", by Jean Farnsworth:

I haven't seen a copy myself, but the information they collected (or at least put online) for the pilot project in Philadelphia looks sensible. And I assume that the Michigan Census must have something like this as well.

The more information that can have an appropriate tag or keyword associated with it, the better. So rather than just free text description, although that has a place as well.

But as well collecting this information, it is also important that the information be deposited in some library (or similar), preferably in at least electronic form. Possibly the Library of Congress for US windows. Possibly the library at the Corning Museum of Glass. Hopefully for all to have access. (The good thing about electronic information is that it can be easily duplicated.)

A possible list of keywords / tags (obviously not everything has to be filled in but the more the better):

Building information:

Building ID (some uniquely identifying string, to be determined by someone, could be some library)
Building name
Other building names (they often change ownership)
Street address
Town / City
Region (e.g. State)
Postal code / Zip code
Lat / Lng
Building status (e.g extant, destroyed, ...)

Window information (below, the dates could just be the year):

Window ID (unique relative to the building)
Date commissioned
Date installed
Date dedicated
Size (height x width, also possibly depth) (including units)
Shape (not sure if there is a "standard" for this)
Who it is in memory of
Who donated it (if they agree to this being disclosed, although I assume that N years after they died it could be disclosed)
Theme (tricky, this one)
Cost (including currency)
Signature (if any)
Location (in building)
Equivalent window IDs (in case window has moved buildings)
History (as free text)
Restoration (as free text)
Literature references (including newspapers)
Comment (for anything else)

And perhaps most importantly:

Photos (!)


 Posted: Wed Jul 5th, 2017 11:03 pm
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Thanks Wayne.....a lot of good thoughts for readers of this discussion site.....

Barbara in Michigan

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