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 Posted: Mon Jul 17th, 2017 12:29 am
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A couple of points
1- When the manufactures speak of "elasticity" of their glazing compounds they are referring to putty glazing of glass to sash. The putty is applied in larger (thicker) amounts then what we push under the lead came. It is also painted on the surface. Thus preventing air from "hardening" the putty. So I am not convinced that Wonder Putty is much, if any, better then linseed oil putty in stained glass work.
2- By adding Japan drier and paint thinner you are speeding up the set up time of the putty, thus reducing long term elasticity.
3- Old putty, prior to 1978 often times contained either red or white lead. This helped create a better bond to the glass. Also making the putty dust toxic when dried out.

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