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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2018 12:39 am
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The recent silent auction at AGG Cleveland conference.....a book on the huge window by Judson studio in greater Los Angeles....... for a new church in Kansas.....this window is approximately 35 feet tall by 130 feet wide....with 160 sections each 4' by 5'....

After the studio was accepted to design/fabricate the window, it was decided to use all Bullseye Glass ....the glass was to be painted with frit, then several layers possible irregular edges would be involved.....high heart lead was used....  Total size of the project was too large for their studio so they found an empty building only a few blocks from current studio.....needed several large kilns (I count a dozen in one of the photos), and had a early problem getting sufficient electricity for all the kilns to be heated at the same time!!

Tim Carey was the chief designer with Narcissus Quagliata doing the actual frit work.......however, each 4'x5' section consists of fritted and then fused glass....... which are 25-30 separate pieces ...... then leaded together.....look at the photos of the window..........the middle 50 portion/sections of the window was installed first, and then the outer incredible project!!

The book is available for about $50 online... plus shipping......I paid much more than that at the auction, but it was well worth it!!!   Judson Studio has a limited number of the books....


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