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 Posted: Tue Jul 31st, 2018 09:15 pm
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I learned to pull the wheel towards me, following a paper pattern. I am mystified how UK people cut on a light box over a cutline, sometimes pushing instead of pulling, and get accurate results. Pushing away, as the engineer states may work best for people with some physical compromises like arthritis or carpel tunnel but "extra" impact on the glass is not always necessary. Just wears out your wheel sooner. The "right" amount of impact depending on the glass is what makes a successful cut in my experience.

By the way, It occurred to me during the AGG in Cleveland recently how we are all members of different "tribes" with different cultures and bylaws but all directed towards the same results (sort of) and with different points of view depending on which "tribe" we joined up with (or were abducted by) at the beginning of our journey.

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