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 Posted: Mon Oct 8th, 2018 04:51 pm
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Can someone please tell me the paragraph-length overview of the process of a panel repair. A panel that I made broke and later fell. A number of pieces are damaged and I'd like to totally re-lead it. My inkling of the process is something like this:
Number the pieces or trace them so you know where they go.
    Soak the panel in some stuff (what stuff, water?)
    Hack at the leads with cutting pliers and get them off
    scrape the putty off
    Replace or repair the damage
    Relead the pieces

The center panel (see attached) is cracked diagonally. I'd like to glue it. The crack started before the piece fell. I suspect it was an annealing issue with the fusing on the glass. My kiln may have had an element out, or I may have been negligent in allowing sufficient annealing. My plan is to reanneal it, then glue it. It will be my first experience with hxtal, or whatever HIS Glassworks recommends. I watched Mary Higgins work with it once at a conference. Seems straightforward. The broken border pieces, I will have to re-make. I really love the way they look, but they were weak and I need to find a more robust way to do what they did. But then again, if the gluing is fun, maybe I'll just glue them

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