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 Posted: Wed Nov 19th, 2008 03:19 pm
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Willet tried it in the late 60s . It was done on a job for North Western
University, some where in the mid west. They used a Rhone and Haus
product, an acrylic glue. Bad for your health, I know I worked on it .
The whole thing was laid out on a glazing table. First was a large
piece of tempered plate glass. It was then washed with what they called
a size, only one guy there knew what it consisted of. Louie Clenet, and he
was not telling ( protecting his job) he thought, I guess. He spoke Walloon
or what ever the artist Benoit Gillso also spoke so they got along.
Louie was never around when we used the size. We wore gas masks
rubber gloves and aprons. I should have suspected some thing but
what the hell I had just started with Willet and was trying to make points.
After a few days the fumes from the size started to eat the lighting fixtures.
Did I mention Louie did not like hippies, or at least one hippy me.
After the plate was down and washed, each of the antique glass that
was to be adhered to it was also washed with the same size. Then a layer
of glue was poured over the plate and the antique glass was laid in to it.
As well as I can remember there were at least two layers of antique glass
some times more. The whole thing was left on the table to cure over night
then stacked against the wall to further cure. When the job was done
it went off to be set and continued to be a problem. The antique kept falling
off and there was a lot of breakage and replacement . In short I was never
convinced Louie really understood that technic . I don't know if any of it
is still in place or if it is how it is fairing. By now there may be better information on the technic. There was a Dutch firm doing it then. That is
where Willet sent Louie to learn the technic. They had better success then
Willet and may still be fabricating laminated glass. It was an interesting
way to use glass but it entailed using a lot of toxic stuff and I had my fill
of it then and have not tried it since. CZ still kinda high from Louiez size.

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