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 Posted: Thu Jul 2nd, 2009 07:18 pm
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Preston Studios has always used hollow-core doors from Home Depot or Lowes for transporting entrances into place.  This is a light-weight system for transporting anything not more than 36 inches or so wide, although we have also made extensions to these lightweight doors for slightly larger panels.  The nice thing is today you can get these doors in 8.0 sizes, too.

We attach a wider piece of 1 by 4 inch material to one edge. We actually use these doors to construct on, as well.  This means that after soldering one side (we use copper foil technique exclusively on all work) and attaching zinc all around the edges, we simply "tilt" the door up off the work bench.  We then remove the work - turn it around and put it back on the door, "tilt" it back up onto the bench, and solder the back side.

To deliver the works onto the construction site we use these doors, which fit handsomely into a station-wagon or SUV.  No monster truck or delivery vehicle is needed.  These light-weight doors have certainly saved our backs!

If you are speaking of shipping something, that is an entirely different matter....
Hope this helps.

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