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 Posted: Sun Jul 5th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Hi Erica.  Now I understand your problem a little better, since I had the same problem.  My solution was to build a small glass rack that fits and ties down in the bed of the truck. 

I made three "L's" with 2x4's and added another 2x4 across the back at the foot and under the front of the foot to tilt the back of the "L's" at about a 6 degree angle off vertical.  I used 1x3's across the back and spaced them about 8" apart.  I put a 1x4 across the bottom with a 1x2 on edge to make a lip at the front edge of the bottom piece.  The whole thing was put together with drywall screws. 

At the time my mother-in-law had her house recarpeted.  I salvaged strips of carpeting from her trash and lined the back slats and bottom piece by stapeling the carpet strips.  I seated the stapels with a hammer to make sure none protruded up into the carpet pile where they would touch the glass.  Between each of the back slats I put eye bolts with a 1" eye hole.  These eye bolts are the bungee cord attachment points to both hold glass/panels in the rack as well as to tie the rack down in the truck. 

The whole thing is light weight and I can easily lift it in and out of the truck as it is needed.  I have found the rack very useful for picking up glass at the supplier's as well as for transporting finished panels across town.  My rack is 5' in length by 42" high.  You can make it any size to suit your needs. 

--Joseph 2bears

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