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 Posted: Thu Apr 1st, 2010 11:15 am
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Best glass painter with an airbush out there is Raphael Schnepf of Milwaukee, Oregon. He has a website. He has videos and teaches. He's a really nice guy too. YOu can google him or ask questions on a forum he participates on: bulletin board.

I use an airbrush all the time with those exact paints you mention. Same alcohol medium. I'll bet its your choice of airbrush thats the problem. If its one of those Azteks, I'm not real sure about those. I have one and don't like it. I use a badger LG100 and a Iwata CR. Both are gravity feed cups rather than siphon, and internal mix trigger. THe tips are .035 and .050 mm orifice.

I add a little Klyrfire as a binder in my alcohol medium, but its not necessary. I mix the paint really well until when I stroke it with a palette knife it continues to flow for a second or two. Really thin. I've tried a number of acrylic airbush paint 'flow enhancers' or 'airbrush extender' products and didn't see any advantage.

SO try really thin alcohol and paint, maybe a little Klyrfire (diluted CMC)....  no gum arabic (at least no powdered gum arabic, in my experience) 



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