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 Posted: Thu Apr 1st, 2010 02:59 pm
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Thanks Don, and thanks to everyone who emailed me or sent me private messages.

Just a quick note; I'll be in and out all day, but the airbrush I'm using is a Paasche, same one I had in school.   Yes, the gravity cup seemed to be the only thing that I could get to work to squirt ANY paint out of - yeah, when anything came out at all, squirt seemed to describe it best.  The instructions were useless btw.

What ticked me off finally was that I threw away the paint mixture before the thought occurred to me that I should at least have tested it out in my gravity feed automotive detail spray gun.  That thing is the real deal, not one of those 'sissy artist' contraptions, hahaha. lol

I heard from a bunch of you and I'll send some replies out once I can get back from my errands.

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