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 Posted: Sun Apr 11th, 2010 11:44 pm
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I've never had to filter Reusche paint. I guess its because I use the thin alcohol medium. I've airbrushed with water, but instead opted for the quick drying time of alcohol. Its the waiting for the watery paint coat to dry enough to apply more that makes me dislike water. Certainly you can suspend more paint in water than in alcohol, but overall I find working thin with isopropyl alcohol an enjoyable way to work. Perhaps I trade a little more time spraying, for less of a hassle with filtering and stirring. I probably would reconsider if I was matting large areas. Most of the time I work pretty small. I never make a whole 'bottle' of paint at a time, only what I can mix-up and keep on a 12x12 glass palette.

 I sometimes hold a heat gun in my left hand while spraying with my right, to dry the paint more quickly. I do realize that scenario invokes images of flash alcohol explosions. 

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