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 Posted: Tue Aug 9th, 2011 02:14 pm
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Firing  is not the way to adhere gold to it's substrate.
It was done in the very old traditional method of gilding.
First the lead was primed with a specialized etching primer.
Once dried, the sizing ( glue) was applied and let to sit for 12 hours before it reached it's correct "tack" .
The gold ( 23K) was applied in the traditional manner and burnished.
It is a very time consuming process but one that will last many 10's, if not 100's, of years.
The lead overlays are on the exterior and the interior of the window.
We needed to make mirror images of several of the more elaborate designs so that they would line up.
Exterior glazing was not considered as the client wanted to maintain the historical look of the building, and protection and / or heat loss does not appear to be a concern.


PS Gold is on both interior and exterior

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