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 Posted: Tue Aug 21st, 2012 02:27 pm
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David Wilson, said to me once it is all glass and all good.
I have always admired David and his work so as a nod to David When I made an indoor nave window with a lot of Blenko glass.
I scattered small bits of two way mirrors in it.
It is in a church in New Jersey. In the day it just sits there and kinda smolders, at nigh when the sun goes down and the interior lights go on, the window becomes a silver snow storm out of a Japanese print. Around the same time I made that one I was working on my first window in the National Cathedral, a small tower window. I found some printed bathroom glass from the early 1900,s. I think the pattern was called Florentine, it was clear but it had great
light refractive qualities. So I used it, it worked.
Thankz to dear old David. " if it is glass it is all good", maybe.

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