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 Posted: Wed Aug 22nd, 2012 02:38 pm
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I think it is on my web site, it is in east Collingswood N.J.
It is a Lutheran church. Done in a lot of browns and yellows also some Blenko oranges and browns. The mirrors are a light tan color when they are transparent and silver when reflected.
It works both ways because the mirrors fit the brown, yellow, orange and clear pallet. Some where there is also a picture of my wife reflected in the mirrors taking a picture of the window.
One of the designers at Rambusch used to kid me about a window I made in 1959 of a Samurai warrior, and call me the Hokusai of Rambusch. Well years later I made this window. My Hokusai Snow Storm.
CZ, The web site is, I think.

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