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 Posted: Thu Nov 27th, 2014 12:44 pm
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Don Burt

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Is anyone formerly associated with GlassMasters (sp?) also a reader of this bulletin board? My understanding is that Glass Masters created their transparent reproductions by layered screen printing. And that they did it without multiple firings. I also heard that John Nussbaum (always referred to as JOHN NUSSBAUM reverently by Dick) passed away earlier this year or late last year. At any rate, I continue to be obsessed by transparent enamels and I've been speculating about some applications using a drying medium that could be layered. Does anyone know the medium that JOHN NUSSBAUM used for his screen process, and did they actually dry the piece before the next application? I'd ask Reusche, but I don't know if the Glass Masters company still exists or may again start up, and it may be poor form for them to discuss their relationship. Thanks in advance....DB

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