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 Posted: Fri Nov 28th, 2014 07:10 pm
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I worked in their retail store not in the "factory". They used some type of oil. They put paint and oil in a cylindrical glass jar and placed the jar on a commercial hot dog cooker. The one that has rollers that heat up. They continually rolled the paint jar at low heat to keep the paint in suspension. After they screened one color the glass (many pieces at a time) was placed in a "bakery rack" that they attached box fans to on one side. The fans blow dried the paint. When dry, the glass went to the next screen station. All their piece where fired once in a "lear" kiln with a few different heating areas. The paints were mixed with "stuff" maybe called ice or flux (I don't remember) to alter the firing temperatures to help achieve the one time fire. John worked with Frank Reusche to figure it all out.

Maybe try contacting this person

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