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 Posted: Thu Nov 22nd, 2007 08:47 pm
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OK, I give, I have been to dozens of other boardsk, posted and read all the comments, I cannot for the life of me , figure out this board.


Is it me? or is it the program? AH what is it doing you ask?  Nothing, that is the problem, I cannot read other posts, because while it says there are 260 posts in 59 topics, I can't see any of them, posts or topics.  I see that in Restoration, Rebecca is looking for a sample of a glass that the administrator has decided, that I am not allowed to see?  What is with that?  I see a .jpg there, I click it and "poof" I'm whisked away to a neverland of stupidity that says while I am logged in, nope can't see that cause "I said so"


Ok, I'm exagerating, of course, but no where can I find answers about how to manuver my way around these forums and read all the topics, which I would like to in order to catch up with what is going on here.

any and all help appreciated


Help received, and appreciated, much smoother navigating, have sent membership to operate the PM portion, but still wonder about those pictures of glass samples that seem to have vanished!!


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