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 Posted: Sun Apr 12th, 2015 08:20 pm
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I worked for Glassmasters in 1976, I was at a screening station all day. They gave us rubber mats to stand on, and would wheel the bakers' trays with a new batch of roundels over as they dried. The most difficult part (besides getting sore legs) was that the new screen had to be aligned exactly over the previous one, so that the final image was clear, but after many hours it became almost automatic. It was a cheerful place to work, I remember the Asian man across from me, named Wiley I think, had a Walkman which I found amazing. At Christmas time, they let us go through the rejects boxes and take pieces that weren't perfect. We also found some of the vintage screens that we used to make holiday cards, some of which I still have. As for the answer to the original question, I'm afraid I don't have any technical details. I know the pieces I kept are painted on the front and glass on the back side. (See attached). I was eventually offered a promotion to the firing department to work with Liz, but alas I left town for a stained glass job in Minneapolis.

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