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Cameron G
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I've made several bridges to help with my painting. For me, these were an improvement over the bulky plastic options available through the art store.
I'm working on ideas for new bridge designs and I would like input from other glass painters. What would your ideal painting bridge look like? How wide, how tall, how long? What material would you prefer-wood, metal or acrylic? What would your ideal collection of bridges look like? Shorter bridges for detailed painting? Larger bridges for full windows?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Don Burt

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I'm using more frequently a large plastic pipe bridge that serves as a support stick for upright painting too. I like the larger bridge because it gets the feet of the bridge away from my glass. The little bridges work great when I'm using a pen on a 4" disc suncatcher, but when several pieces are waxed together, I want the biggest bridge. Seems like there's never enough room on the light table to rotate the medium sized ones.

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