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Solutions to Problems
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 Posted: Thu Oct 12th, 2006 11:16 am
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As a general note, this Discussion Board works best with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Here are some of the” problems” you may encounter as you use this Discussion Board.

 Receiving Activation E-Mail

If you are not receiving an Activation E-mail after registering, most likly the problem is that your e-mail spam filters are stopping the notice.

If you want you can contact me at

and I will manully register you.

AOL members may also find some troubles with the Activation e-mail.

AOL's Spam Filters Interpret A LOT of "Activation" emails as spam. This is not exclusive to WowBB.

Users will either have to reduce the strength of their Spam Filter, or check the Spam Folder for items.

Nothing we can do about it.




Word Editing / Spell Check

"Unfortunately, Safari and Internet Explorer for Mac do not support WYSIWYG editing. So, style codes are visible. We plan to add WYSIWYG editing support for Mozilla/FireFox users in our next version (and this includes Mac versions of these browsers)."

Another option is for the person having problems is to compose the message in Notepad / WordPad

There are extensions that people can download for their individual situation.

For Firefox you can install an extension called SpellBound which will give you spelling support.  Also, the Firefox Google toolbar works just fine for spell checking.
You can add a spell checker with Opera as well. It's called "aspell" and can be installed from synaptic.


Posting a Message

If you want to start a new line of questions, comments or ideas just click on the TOPIC you want to talk about ( Lets use New Work as a sample)

Click on New Work ( the wording next to the little "envelope")

That will take you to where all the posts are about that topic

To start a new line of thinking just click on the "New Topic " button ( somewhat top right of the screen)

That will take you to a form where you can type in your message.

When you are finished, you can use the spell check, (my favorite) or you can preview the message before you send it. Or just be brave and send it with great confidence.

If you want to respond to a post just do the following

Click on the "New Work" wording

Go to the file you want to respond to

Each posted message will have a series of buttons on the right side.

Click on "Reply" and do as mentioned above about.


Receiving E-Mail Notices

If anyone wishes to receive e-mail notices about new post or replies, they must check the watched forum or watched topic item on the site.

That is done by going to the "my account” button on the Home page and checking off which forum you wish to receive e-mail on.

If you click on an individual forum you can check on a specific topic to receive notices.

Of course you must have already setup your preference to receive e-mails.

So, go to the home page,

Click on “My Account" That's at the top of the page

and then check on the forums (the buttons on the left of each forum) you are interested in.


Private Message

This Private Message does it work?

This option will need to be changed in your “My Account” section. It is at the top right of the page, one of the little yellow buttons.

Click on “My Account”

Click on “Preferences”

And under Miscellaneous: check the “enable Private Messaging”



For more information or just for further reading please go to

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