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Message from outgoing President
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 Posted: Tue Jul 24th, 2012 12:01 am
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Hello Members! I'd like to welcome our newest Board Members: Bradford Anderson, Tony Glander and Scott Ouderkirk. They are enthusiastic and bring a multititude of skills. I decided not to run as President again, and I'm thrilled to announce that J. Kenneth Leap is our new President. He has fabulous ideas of ways to promote your work, and to further serve our mission of education.
I am the last of the five original founding "'Managing Members" on the Board, and my six-year term limit is up in 2013, so I'm happy and honored to serve as Ken's Vice President., and facilitate a smooth transition. Janet Lipstreu was reelected to the Board and will continue to serve as Treasurer. Bradford Anderson was elected as Secretary.
I'd like to thank the outgoing Board Members. All three are AGG heroes. Mary Clerkin Higgins, Founding Managing Member and Past President, will continue to serve the AGG as 2013 Program Chair (send her your proposals and ideas!). Barbara Krueger, Founding Managing Member and Past Treasurer, will continue working with Membership. Rona Moody, 2012 Conference and Program Chair, put together an amazing event! Every talk was fascinating and I learned something new from each presentation. The juried exhibition was stunning (don't miss photos to come!). The historic hotel was perfect for our group, the food received high accolades and not a detail was missed by Rona. Her planning and execution was flawless. Congratulations Rona!
The auction was a highlight again this year with another AGG hero, Kathy Jordan, as Chair of a very well organized and hard working committee! The auction was held in the Lawrence Welk room and Kathy dressed up as one of the Lennon sisters...the wig was a big hit! Thank you Kathy, Patrice, Scott, Bradford, Carol, Hallie and Nancy. Thank you to all who so generously donated such exquisite panels and a variety of creative items. Those of us who were the lucky high bidders of such a treasure trove of art paid a record $32,000 for your donations!!!! The auction is the sole avenue of support for the James Whitney Scholarship Fund, and we were honored to have Jim's widow Kitty and his son, Chris join us. A big thank you to Robert Jayson of Bendheim for his generous support of the Amercian Glass Guild and for being such a good sport at the auction. We also have a new sponsor: Lamberts Glass! Thank you for your support of our mission.
The highlight of the Conference for me was having the honor to present, my friend, Sylvia Nicolas with the Joseph Barnes Award. Go to to see the work of this living legend.
It was wonderful to have Vickie Millard with us as we remembered the man who was a friend and mentor to many in attendance, and instrumental in the initial concept and planning of our great organization, Dick Millard.
We had an excellent turnout of new members who brought enthusiasm and offers to help. We forged new and valued friendships.
Thankfully, we only have to wait 10 months for our next AGG fix, as the St. Augustine Conference is in May! Stay tuned for more details.

 Posted: Tue Jul 24th, 2012 03:00 am
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Couldn't have done it without the team - Janet Lipstreu, Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Maria Serpentino - and honorary member Nancy Nicholson. Thanks for keeping me sane, folk.

 Posted: Thu Jul 26th, 2012 07:49 pm
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Judy K
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I can not tell you all how happy I am that I came to the conference this year. I learned this trip, or confirmed what I thought was happening, I am adopting my AGG friends as family. A true love is emerging. I am so grateful for this flash in my life's timeline. I know that annually attending these gatherings of like minded artisans will not last forever. Nothing ever does. But I am so grateful for it now, and for the efforts put forth to make it happen. And for each and everyone of you.

The American Glass Guild is unique, a real treasure! Thank you.

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