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2015 AGG Conference Call for Papers
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 Posted: Fri Oct 3rd, 2014 03:17 pm
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The Call for Papers for the 2015 American Glass Guild
Conference, to be held June 19-21, in Washington DC.
The deadline is October 15th, so start thinking about it
now. The conference committee is meeting in Washington DC
in early November, so there will be many more details after that.

Attachment: 2015AGG-Conference-call-for-papers.pdf (Downloaded 1040 times)

 Posted: Sat Oct 4th, 2014 03:27 pm
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I have FIVE windows in the National Cathedral and at least five stories about each, most of which are some what true. Those five windows were designed color selected, painted, and signed, by me. I also designed and selected the color for the Washington Mormon Temple for the old Willet studio. During the same time I did color selection for the National Presbyterian Cathedral in Washing D.C. and a seventy five foot window that went into the Smithsonian
Institution members dining room. That room was used during a period of construction at the Museum, and is no longer in use, the window is still in place but now used for storage. In 1960 or 61 when employed by the Rambusch Decorating Co. in NYC I painted a window designed by Alice Alter that was installed in the National Catholic Cathedral in D.C. During the design and fabrication of my windows I spent a lot of time at the Cathedral studying the light and was lucky enough to spend equal or more time with Rowan LeCompte,
who was kind enough to advise me on the work I did there. Wanta hear about any of it, I would love to tell ya. CZ

 Posted: Sun Oct 5th, 2014 11:06 pm
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Would be a nice talk at annual convention.

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