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Warranty Document
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 Posted: Thu Jul 14th, 2011 05:13 pm
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Hello all:

We just completed a project for the government and they have asked for "warranty documents."  We have a warranty statement in our Contract, but nothing independent of it, like you would get buying a major appliance.  What have the rest of you done to designate your warranty policy?  Is there a template that anyone would recommend?  

I am not referring to the length of the warranty as I am sure we all have opinions on what is adequate (I have heard other glass artists quote everything form one year to a lifetime of the artist!).  What I am more inquiring about is how detailed should such a document be?  Should it state possible types of failures and the expected remedies?  Should it be more vague and all-encompassing?  Should a lawyer get involved?  Should I take a Chill Pill??

Thanks in advance!!

 Posted: Thu Jul 14th, 2011 06:15 pm
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Chill pill not necessary but recommend deep breathing! Lawyer not necessary unless you have access to a free one - then by all means pass along the headache to them. My experience with government agencies is that they require lots of paperwork, most of which never gets read. The important thing appears to be that they have the piece of paper in the correct file. I have made warranties in the past. I would keep it general (free of defects for the period of 1 year from date of installation) and I would mention conditions that could pose problems (Water Damage)and their remedies (stop the source of water and have the artwork inspected for damage). Use the phrase, "contact the artist for assistance", liberally. Use it also as an opportunity to point conditions that could damage the artwork (improper cleaning)and specifically mention that it would void the warranty.

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