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Help Fund a Film on Rowan LeCompte using Kickstarter
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 Posted: Wed Mar 28th, 2012 05:33 pm
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Mary Clerkin Higgins

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Posted for Filmmaker Peter Swanson


I am about to start the final edit and then the polish (the color correction, final graphics and sound mix) of a film I have been working on for over six years about the artist, Rowan LeCompte.  This is an expensive process and today I am launching a "Kickstarter" campaign to help defray some of these costs.  Kickstarter is a website that many artists and filmmakers use to help fund their projects.  It is a place where people can make pledges in return for rewards like DVD copies of the film, movie posters, credits on the film, tickets to advance screenings, lectures by the filmmaker, etc.  Follow this link to see a clip and make a pledge:

About the Film:

“Let There Be Light” - A documentary project in Leicester, MA by Peter Swanson

Rowan LeCompte is a master of light, an artist who manipulates brilliance in an effort to create beauty and inspiration through glass. Working with an incredible craftsman and long-time collaborator, Dieter Goldkuhle, six years ago LeCompte began a monumental effort to create the last of a series of great windows for the magnificent Washington Cathedral in the nation’s capital.  

Little did I know then, when I began documenting the creation of this work that I would be privileged to observe not just the creation of a work of art, but the dramatic struggle of a team, who are dogged not just by the practical obstacles that could arise in any project of this size and complexity, but also the emotional fallout of time, relationships, the challenges of aging and the struggle between artist and institution. As the project fell further and further behind schedule, conflicts in calendars arose and Mary Clerkin Higgins, an amazing artist in her own right, stepped in to help complete the project.

Now, as the film nears completion, it has revealed a story that demonstrates clearly how great art does not just happen, but rather is driven by a passion that must find its way through the twists and turns of human interaction and roadblocks.

To get to this point, I have invested many hours and mostly my own money. What I need now are the finishing funds to polish the film and make it ready for showing in festivals and for broader distribution. This includes: Color Correction; Sound Mixing; Film Festival Music License; Final Titles and Graphics; Errors and Omissions Insurance; Poster and DVD Box Design; and Costs of Fulfilling This Kickstarter Campaign.  

If you celebrate inspirational stories that reveal the drama of creating magnificent art, then please join with me in helping to bring the story of these great artists to as wide an audience as possible.

The film clip on the Kickstarter site is a taste of the film as it stands. For a longer version, which offers a chance to meet the artists, visit my website:

Thank you,

Peter Swanson

 Posted: Fri May 25th, 2012 12:48 am
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This project hit their goal of $30,000 this afternoon.  Many congratulations to those who donated to this very worthy venture.......and those attending the AGG conference in Pittsburgh will be treated to an early version of the film....come ONE, come ALL.

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