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Register for the AGG 2018 Conference Today!!

We're looking forward to seeing you at another great American Glass Guild Conference, this year June 22-24, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio! Use the links below to view the full schedule, find out about the speakers, sign up for the tour, demonstrations and workshops, and see other conference activities, such as the closing reception at Whitney Stained Glass Studio. Cleveland offers many great opportunities for the stained-glass lover. Renew your membership today to get the members' rate!

Karl Heinz Traut - Keynote Speaker
Kathy Barnard – Light and Shadows
Mark Bassett – Breaking Tiffany’s Glass Ceiling: Clara Wolcott Driscoll
John Blazy – Dichrolam Glass
Charles Devillier – Digitizing the Glass Panel Workflow
Michael Dupille – Working BIG: Art, Emotion, and Engineering
Tom Krepcio - Computers and Computer Storage for the Stained-Glass Artist
Barbara Krueger – Douglas Philips: Noted Stained-Glass Artist
Rich Lamothe – Lamination Using Polyester Resins
Lindsy Parrott – The Artistry and Innovation of Tiffany’s Glass Mosaics
Daniella Peltz – Vitreous Paint and Paint Problems
Virginia Raguin – Reciprocity between Window and Wall: Renaissance Florence and Art Nouveau Krakow
Judith Schaechter – Glass: Sensuous but Cruel
Mary Zodnik - Mother Mary Thomas – A Painting – A Stained-Glass Window – A Journey

Don Burt – Stencil Techniques and Cutting Tools
Charles Devillier – Leading Techniques
Graham Fox – Dry Molds for Casting
Janet Lipstreu and Rick Prigg – LEDs in Stained Glass Installations
Kathy Jordan – Paintbrush Preparation and Use
Ken Leap – Enamel Paints
Indre McCraw - Glass Painting

Glass Bubble Project – Glass Blowing and Welding
Sasha Zhitneva – Fused Glass as a Painterly Medium
Michael Dupille – Mold Making for Kiln Casting
Indre McCraw – Glass Painting
Tony Glander – Screen Printing on Glass
Rich Lamothe – Laminating/Surface Bonding with Bohle 2K Silicone
Graham Fox – Repairing Stained Glass
Karl Heinz Traut – Design with Lambert's Glass

Bus Tour: Garfield Memorial, Wade Chapel, Trinity Cathedral, Grace Lutheran Church, Church of the Covenant.

Members' Exhibition - Sign up now for the Members' Show - 16" X 20" panels - in Cleveland.

Follow These Links:

Schedule So much to learn
Registration Meet old friends and new
Reserve your Hotel At the group rate
Members Show Show us your stuff
Renew Your Membership Get the members' rate
Donate to the Auction Support education

See you in Cleveland!

American Glass Guild 2018 Conference Registration Form - Formstack
The American Glass Guild is excited to hold our 13th annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio at The Westin Cleveland Downtown from June 21-24, 2018.

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