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 Posted: Tue Feb 19th, 2008 01:12 pm
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bbates wrote: Why are you doubting the windows authenticity?  Granted the midwest is not the classiest area, but still...  I'm not doubting that you have good reasons to doubt, I'm just curious as to what those reasons may be.


Ben, you need to reread my earlier statement.  There is no doubt about the stained glass windows being from the Tiffany Studio.  But at this point I don't know about the interior furnishings which the church is saying were designed by Tiffany Studios and is only one of 10 in the country.  Do they have letters to this effect?  I don't know.  What in the interior, other than the stained glass, was "decorated" by Tiffany Studios - pulpit, font, pews?  I just don't know.  The local art museum also would like to see their "proof" of the church interior begin designed by the Tiffany firm.  One of 10 in the US?? That would really be interesting if it was/is true.  And,,, there ARE some extremely interesting Tiffany, and other, stained glass windows in the midwest thanks to the entrepreneurs from the steel, auto, electric light, tin plating (and other) late 19th and early 20th c. industries.

But to take your question a step further - the Michigan Stained Glass Census, of which I am a part, has encountered several churches where they state the windows are Tiffany, and we very much doubt that.  Just because opalescent glass is used, does not make them Tiffany windows. (and in one case there was NO opalescent glass).  Need dedication papers, newpaper article of the day, invoices, bill of sale, or be listed in the Duncan book which documents Tiffany windows installed up to 1910/11. 

  Barbara in Michigan

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