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 Posted: Mon Feb 25th, 2008 04:29 pm
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Last week I made a post wondering about the "interior furnishings" of Reid Memorial Church, Richmond, IN.  The church literature states the interior was designed by Tiffany Studios.  During the presentations the other night, mention was made of a local company known to have made all the pews, and a local company that made the large ceiling light fixtures.  Now, whether these were made from Tiffany Studio specifications is not known.  But, there was some very intricate tile work on the floor in the narthex and even on the floor in the outdoor a lot remains to be discovered.   And a very interesting memorial plaque in the narthex, using iridescent tile/glass for the inscription, laid in gray slate/stone.  Someone on this Forum said it was well known Daniel Reid and Tiffany were acquainted.  There does not seem to be any evidence to that fact, but it certainly is possible as they were both involved in New York City glitter and glamour.

About 220 people attended the presentation and here is a recap of the evening.

Barbara Krueger, Michigan

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