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 Posted: Tue Jan 6th, 2009 03:16 am
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I found this in Stained Glass Town Square chat room - any feedback on program?


Google's Sketchup is a 3D application that has many uses, from architectural to automobiles. Sketchup be used to design and create leaded glass panels and and the frames they sit in, or the cabinet, window, what have you... It will also allow you to create 3D shapes such as lamp shades, boxes, and just about any other shape you could hope to make out of glass. It can use differing measurement systems to build the object life-size, so you'll see exactly what the object will look like. There are a few drawbacks: there is a learning curve, and the color library is limited.

The free version can be found here:

The best place to get plugins for Sketchup is here:

The must-have plugins that I use for Sketchup are:

(These are bezier line tools, they allow you to create really nice curves)

divide_cpoint.rb - divides a line into even segments of your choice. Perfect for creating evenly spaced lights/panes. - allows you to create basic shapes at various points on the surface.

These are all under the Geometry/drawing section of the mentioned site, and the site also tells you where they need to be placed to work (usually in the "plugins" folder in the Sketchup directory). The plugins mentioned I use very often to occasionally, and make working in the program much more effective and easier.

Panes as simple as this:

 Reduced: 50% of original size [ 1024 x 697] - Click to view full image
Design © Jeff Wagner

...and as complex as this:

 Reduced: 50% of original size [ 1024 x 697] - Click to view full image
Design © Jeff Wagner

Can be designed once you get more familiar with the program. If anyone else wants to contribute their knowledge, feel free to jump in!

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