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 Posted: Mon Feb 23rd, 2009 01:03 pm
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Hi Rona

I live in the UK not far from English Antique Glass. They are a fantastic bunch of people, and yes, it's true, the blowers really do travel the length of England every week to do their stuff. Sadly, the beauty and diversity of the flat glass they produce is not clear from their website, but some of it is truly astonishing. I particularly love their 'vienna' glass, which has an almost reeded appearance.

The factory is quite small, and there is a real sense of something very special happening there.

If anyone is visiting the UK, it's worth making a trip to see them. When I last visited, they were very happy for us to whatch them at work (though it's best to let them know you are coming, as some days they blow cylinders, other days art glass etc.).  Once I was lucky enough to see them blowing a bullion, which involves two men, a lot of spinning and more than a touch of abracadabra. 

They have a great range of sheet glass there at the factory - just browsing their shelves is like being in wonderland for me. Their art glass is very beautiful too.


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