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 Posted: Mon Feb 23rd, 2009 01:38 pm
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I used to take some of my students from the college at which I taught and we were always greeted with coffee and chocolate biscuits, and they offered them a shot at glass blowing - it was great. Very friendly and welcoming. (The one time I ever tried blowing glass it ended up splatted on the floor.)

However, a trip there was expensive - I'd go with my little list and my budget then Mike would say "oh, we blew some new one-offs the other day, and I put aside a couple I thought you'd like..." Rats. Budget blown again. I still have some extraordinary pieces.

I thought I'd not be able to get their glass in USA but my husband's company ship stuff over from UK all the time, and as long as EAG pack it properly, they'll include it in their box. More expense.

"just browsing their shelves is like being in wonderland for me" - they let everyone browse, which is great but it does mean that the glasses sometimes get scratched, which can be really irritating - exactly the piece you want with scrape marks across it.

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