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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2009 02:39 pm
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Maria, when I saw the word vidimus in your letter I had to write back.
Several months ago I got a call from Rowan LeCompte concerning
the book on Bossanyi. I was very interested in it because when I was working
on my last two windows at the Cathedral I spent a lot of time studying
his windows there. Which by the way I think are his best.
Any way Rowan told me that the book was about to be published,
and that I could get an advanced copy for a lower price by using that
word and contacting the museum at Ely Cathedral. I let my computer
person do it and he chose to go to ebay instead. They said they could
get it when it was available, so I waited. Willet in the mean time got two
books by using the magic word and going to Eli, at forty pounds each.
I waited, till the online people canceled my order because they could not
get the book. Finely I called and ordered the book, I just got it.
FOR EIGHT FIVE POUNDS.It has confirmed some of my theories on his painting
techniques. But it sure as hell cost a lot to know that.
I met his son when he was at the Cathedral announcing the his upcoming
book. I even got up and said a few words on my view of Bossanyies windows.
It did not help, I guess the next time I will listen to Rowan.
CZ poorer but smarter.

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