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 Posted: Sun Mar 29th, 2009 08:23 pm
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Thanks for the comments.

All exterior glass is 1/4" clear safety glass.

No venting on the old pictures, you are correct

We make it a habit to vent all installations. If you look closely you will see the bottom corners cut. Screens are added and in some cases a Plexiglas hood added to prevent rain water from coming in.

The tops of the lancets are also cut and screening is added. The tracery has screening added in selective sections to add to the venting process.

Our policy is to make the exterior glass as "invisible " as possible. That also includes the treatment to the venting methods.

I simply hate the look of the small round venting holes seen on many installations.

It looks, to me, as if the window was a subject of a drive by shooting.

One of the "materials" we have found useful is a lead die form DHD Metals.

They produce an offset H lead, ( sorry, I don't know the # ). One side accepts 1/4' glass and the other side, which is much thiner, accepts the screening material. Making for a very clean installation.


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