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The following are nominees for the American Glass Guild Board of Directors.  Voting will be held at the conference in Pittsburgh.

Bradford Anderson, Ken Leap, Janet Lipstreu, Jules Mominee and Scott Ouderkirk

Bradford Anderson
Although his work is not directly related to the stained glass industry per se, Bradford considers himself to be in a very much-related field, as a church organist. As an organist of 30+ years he has had the privilege and enjoyment of experiencing the beauty of many stained glass windows from the vantage of organ consoles throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. Through the years of practice and service playing, Bradford’s enjoyment and interest in the art of stained glass grew until one day he found himself taking a stained glass class taught by Nick Parrendo. In that same class, Bradford had the wonderful privilege of meeting such glass artists as Kathy Jordan, Hallie Monroe, Dick Millard among others, who helped to solidify his love of the medium and the people that work in it. Through the last few years subsequent classes allowed him further study with Kathy Jordan, Jim Whitney, Kenneth Leap and most recently Debora Coombs; all incredible artists and fantastic instructors. It was through his stained glass friends that Bradford learned of and eventually joined the AGG.

In 2011 Bradford was approached to become a member of the 2012 AGG Auction Committee. Involvement with this committee has found him facilitating committee meetings and providing data capture/analysis support. It has been while working with the auction/AGG data that Bradford has identified a number of opportunities that he feels he might be able to help the AGG with as a whole. Since Bradford’s ‘day-job’ has been working for Ford, GM, and IBM for close to 30 years leading software development teams and providing project management for a variety of key information technology initiatives, he feels that skills developed in that capacity could be utilized within the AGG. It is with these skills of organization and passion for data management that Bradford feels he could assist the AGG if chosen to serve on the board.

Ken Leap
J. Kenneth Leap is primarily recognized for his achievements in the field of architectural stained glass. Working in a tradition that dates to the cathedrals of medieval Europe, Leap creates his panels by hand-painting colored pieces of glass with vitreous pigments. These pigments are fused to the glass by firing in a kiln before being assembled into stained glass panels using strips of lead. His painterly work in stained glass has earned him numerous awards including a fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a jurors' award of honor in the Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibition, "Contemporary Philadelphia Artists" and inclusion in the Corning New Glass Review. Articles about his work have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times, Architecture of New Jersey, Professional Stained Glass Magazine and Stained Glass Quarterly. Leap has taught workshops and performed demos in traditional Glass Painting techniques at the Rhode Island School of Design, Tyler School of Art, Bryn Athyn College and at the Glass Art Society annual conference. He currently holds the position of Vice President and Education Chair of the American Glass Guild. He is an ambassador artist with Wheaton Arts in Millville, NJ and an artist in residence at the Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, PA.
Ken Leap Continued:
“I am involved with the American Glass Guild because I want to support and promote education in our field. As a student at the Rhode Island School of Design I chose to focus on glass painting for my senior thesis. At the time, my department head responded, “That’s great Ken, but nobody teaches it – go to the library and find a book.” Fortunately, The Art of Painting on Glass was on the shelf. Even though I was privileged to attend one of the finest art colleges in America, I am largely self-taught in my primary medium. After college, I struggled for years with that little voice of doubt; “Am I doing this right?” There was no one to ask. How often I longed for the chance to observe a master at work. Now that I’ve had a chance to view other educational systems in Britain and Europe I realize I spent decades reinventing the wheel. Today I teach, lecture, demo and write about glass painting. I don’t hoard my knowledge and I don’t turn people away when they ask technical questions that less than a generation ago were considered “trade secrets”. In the American Glass Guild I have found a community of like-minded people. I am proud of our shared knowledge. The American Glass Guild has become a trusted resource to scholars and researchers, artists and craftsmen as well as those who just love glass. My personal agenda is to promote the membership of American Glass Guild as a resource of experts to colleges and universities. Right now we are barely on their radar. When young people seek knowledge about our field, I want them to easily find the AGG.”

Janet Lipstreu
I would like to be considered as a candidate for re-election to the AGG Board. The last two years have gone quickly and there are still many things I would like to accomplish. Last year I was voted in as Treasurer and I would like to continue in that position. I have created and entered our accounts for the first time on computer in QuickBooks. I have assumed all bookkeeping duties and now would like to have the AGG Board be more proactive by creating committee budgets. I would like to organize better banking and investment opportunities. I also will create a detailed operating manual for the Treasure’s position so that the transition for the next person to be treasurer will be smooth and seamless.

Overall, I believe in board development and will encourage board efforts in proactive efforts instead of reactive responses to needs. As a purely volunteer organization, we need to use our valuable time and skills wisely and efficiently, and I would like to remain on the AGG Board with that as a goal. As a person who has been involved with the nonprofit sector for most of my life, and a believer in the mission of this organization, I hope you will consider voting to retain me on the Board of AGG.

Thank you - Janet Lipstreu

Jules Mominee
Jules Mominee has been working in stained glass since 1972, and has a Master’s Degree in Art. He founded Mominee Studios in 1979. On several occasions he has reviewed restoration centers firsthand in both England and Europe. Mominee Studios, Inc. is an Accredited Member (Professional Full Service Studio) of the SGAA.  Jules served as Chairman of the SGAA Restoration Committee for eight years, and also served on their Board as Treasurer and Second Vice President. Jules is a member of the AGG, and is a founding member of The American Society for Stained Glass Restoration.

“It is my belief that if we all work together, we all prosper.  I have spent the majority of my adult life working in stained glass. We need to ensure that our collective wisdom is passed on not only to the next generation, but is also available to the stewards of art glass.  The industry needs to grow along with the technological evolution that is always happening, so that the next generation of glass artists have a firm foundation to stand on and prosper from.  Furthering this goal is the purpose of my involvement with both the industry and this organization. And besides, I've gotten older and I just didn't run fast enough.”

Scott Ouderkirk
I have been a speaker for and attendee of both the SGAA and the AGG conferences. After seeing what each organization offers, I believe that the AGG best represents me now and will help me become the glass artist I aspire to. I love the flow of useful information and energy that occurs at the AGG conferences. I think that I could help the AGG grow by becoming a board member.

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