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Comments and Discussion of Pittsburgh Conference
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 Posted: Sun Aug 5th, 2012 03:09 am
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Don Burt

Joined: Tue Dec 12th, 2006
Location: Wyoming, Ohio USA
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I'll offer some opinions. Maybe it will provoke some more commentary.

The Friday Bus tour:
Mr. Tanner’s tour had a great sequence of sites. But the traffic made the travel tedious and the lousy weather put a damper on what was mostly medieval blue glass. I guess I need my Connick with a little more sunlight. Mr. Tanner’s background commentary was excellent, and entertaining if you listened closely enough to catch the occasional satire . Made me want to read up on Henry Clay Frick.

Juried exhibition:
I didn’t like the idea of a juried exhibition. I still don’t. But the panels were amazing. I wish I could have stood on that balcony across the building and listened to Dick talk about them. I have an opinion which about which panels worked the best in that setting, in that weather, but I think Dick could have explained why. Come to think of it, we should have had a panel discussion right there. Some of the panels would have been more effective in a small room setting from close range. Some evoked some mood or content that would be better served in a standalone environment. One in particular stood out like a jewel (I won’t mention whose, but you can bet it wasn’t silicone laminated) and made the most of its light.

Excellent speakers. Might be my favorite conference for lectures so far. Rona kept everyone on time. Not much time for questions, but heck, that’s what the bulletin board is for. Ken was the pace setter with a quick silverstain and copper stain review. I liked Troy’s lecture a lot. He gets powerpoint and its ability to put people asleep. Show us pictures. The last lecture of the conference was an impromptu visit by a rep from a digital printing solution vendor. Even that one was thought provoking, and the vendor rep totally gets our point of view. I think the breadth of topics that are covered in the conferences’ lectures is one of unrealized values by people who scan the agenda, only see one thing that relates directly to what they do, and decide not to attend. I can’t imagine anyone seeing a lecture about ceiling windows in the Capitol building as being essential learning, but the lecture was excellent and interesting, and it piqued my interest in the use of enamels in that context. I wish people could see the level of knowledge they would pick up if they would attend a couple of these.

The Auction:
Hilarious as usual. Flattering. God bless Bendheim and Lamberts

 Posted: Sun Aug 5th, 2012 03:13 am
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Ellen 1
AGG Member

Joined: Sun Dec 3rd, 2006
Location: Long Island City, New York USA
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The conference was great- Rona is to be congratulated a lot! I'm particularly grateful that I could give my presentation - basically about the value of stained glass in my life AND that I could do the new Portfolio Review. Attended by Indre McGraw, Rick Prigg, and Sister Ann Kelly, we all felt it was a big success.

Thank You, Ellen Mandelbaum

 Posted: Sun Aug 5th, 2012 03:16 am
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Joined: Fri Mar 7th, 2008
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
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Re the traffic - now you can see why I was so keen that people didn't take their own vehicles! Roads in Pittsburgh are a nightmare. But I thought Al's tour was great - and he has a wicked sense of humour! We had a month of hot dry weather and were all praying for rain - shame it came a few days too early.
I would have loved Virginia to talk about the panels in front of them, and for her to have talked more about the choices made - though I am not a great fan of juried shows either. If I had to organise one, I would like to add some sort of limiting factor(s) - BSMGP have a stipulated size for their shows, and the Peters traveling exhibit has not just a size but a loose subject. Makes for a more cohesive show, I think. Though it depends what the end aim is.
I agree, we had some great talks - and my time keeping was nothing more than making sure they understood the kiddy clock (which they use in Britain to teach kids to tell the time!). I tried to have a theme running through my choice of presentations - perhaps not that obvious! - and I do think there was a good flow. We have some very knowledgeable folk out there and it's great they're happy to share.
The architect's talk will be up on the website soon, as will the guide to the windows we saw on the tour. Al's bios of artists can be found on the PHLF website, and the guide to stained glass in Greater Pittsburgh is already on our website (link from the bus tour page).

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