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Hi all,

We're working on some bevels that are proving to be a challenge. We've got some inside curves giving us trouble and I believe we need to dress our vertical stone smoothing wheel. It's actually in pretty good shape and does a wonderful job for most of our needs. This job however, requires 1" bevels which seem to exaggerate the results of our slight wobble in the wheel which transfer into ridges in the bevel as we roll it over the wheel.

Does anyone have tips for dressing these wheels? I'm guessing it's aluminum oxide, see photo. We can easily fashion a stable tool rest in front of the wheel, to hold the dresser. We're not sure of the right angle of approach or the proper material for a dressing stick.

Any thoughts appreciated...



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From picture your wheel looks pretty flat but shine on it makes me think it is glazed. I just use a hand held belt sander with a 80 grit SC belt . Do it slowly and any groves in stone will be slowly removed as well as glaze.

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