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Many years ago there was a catalogue for stained glass windows.......many images were with people, and some were just ornamental......does anyone remember the title, or perhaps has a copy that could provide additional information.????? Thanks

Barbara in Michigan

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I did some searching and came upon 2 catalogs, by accident! One company was E.L. Roberts and the other Foster-Munger, both from Chicago. They had catalogs of building materials, which included a selection of stained glasss windows for churches! It looks like the windows from my church may have come from a catalog!

Can anyone tell the story of these catalog offerings? It would seem that sg window fabrication would be a skill needed to work for the catalog company. Or did the catalog company then farm our the fabrication to someone else? Would love to hear the story.

Also, what are other companies that had similar catalogs ca 1900?

Here is the link to one of the pages.

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