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ID of windows
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 Posted: Sat May 14th, 2022 08:43 pm
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Some years ago I was asked to come about 90 miles to see the Tiffany stained glass windows.....well, rather than disappoint him ahead of time, I went.....and immediately I knew the windows were NOT Tiffany......after walking around twice, I found a signature...and the person who asked me to come about fainted because his family pew was adjacent to that when people ask me to come, I first tell them to look for initials, date, and/or signature....and.....most churches know who donated which windows, so by finding/contacting a family member, they may be able to find out information.

AT this time I am working with a church where they now tell me their windows are by Kokomo......?? Well, the glass may be from Kokomo, but I need to research if Kokomo actually make any windows......any thoughts? Thanks.

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